Coming out.

So, i have been thinking of doing this for sometime now, guess some people beat me to it but what the hell i got nothing to lose.

A friend recently came to my workplace and pushed me to doing this, at the moment it seemed stupid and lame but then i will never really know till i try it .

This is me coming out and writing my heart out,

Mine is ugly but then its also beautiful,

It takes me to darker places almost all the time,

sometimes it also gives me a sweet ride to happier places,

Very unpredictable and pretty sure i don’t trust it,

Honestly, it’s a roller coaster,

Round and round i go all day, spinning and turning like craizy,

if only it could stop for a minute or two, only i would die never to breath again,

never to speak again, or see the beauty of the sunrise and sunset that make life seem so simple………………