Unlucky But Not Alone………..!

Ever had one of those day that nothing seems to be going your way? your car broke down , your bank decided today is just not your day to swipe your credit/debit card, it rained/snowed out of nowhere when you dressed for a warm day, today is the day your boss decides nobody is going to have peace in the office, that urgent delivery you have been waiting for for the last one month is late again, your dead beat judgmental father just came to town, or your whining mother who wont let anybody be just paid a surprise visit, having a bad hair day or everything you have been trying to avoid for the last decade just came banging on your door in the morning? and the first thing that comes to your mind is SOMEBODY PLEASE SHOOT ME NOW! Well i have news for you, that’s just one day, there are some of us who have these kind of days every other day of our lives, so whether you are having the worst day of your live or your first day day just know you are not alone. There is someone out there having a day worse than yours every other day and no matter how bad things get they are always bound to get better at some point, Well unless someone actually shoots you then you can have better days or worse days in the afterlife which nobody knows…………. Keep your head high and just maybe you will not drown in your bad days…..


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Call me mean but at least am honest about it.

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