I still remember

I still remember, the days i used to cry myself to sleep because you wouldn’t acknowledge me, the days when all i wanted was for you to love me, when my whole life was all about you, when the slightest sarcastic comment from you used to drive me to almost kill myself, when everything i did was to please you and your ego. I still remember when i literally had to beg for your affection because to me that was a reason for me to keep living, i do remember when i used to think without you i was nothing but an ugly woman without a people , the memory of the hate in your eyes when you looked at me still haunted me day and night, but i am stronger now, i have a people without you, i have a home without you, i have love and affection without you, i have a reason to live again because i have hope and to you Dad i want to say, you destroyed my life once, you don’t get to have a second chance to do it all over again.


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Call me mean but at least am honest about it.

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